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    Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Finishes

    Let’s go over one of the best wood finishes available for woodwork whether it’s kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets or your doors and trim. Conversion varnish is one of the best finishes that can be applied to wood, but conversion varnish application does require a professional.

    Conversion varnish is typically more costly than polyurethane because it needs to be professionally applied. However, it also lasts much longer and, although polyurethane is quite protective when compared to other lacquers and paints, conversion varnish is still consistently more durable. While it might cost a little more, it is ultimately a better value, offering longer lasting protection and durability in your home.

    Conversion varnish, also called catalyzed conversion varnish or catalyzed varnish, is a lacquer which consists of a high-end solid two-part post-catalyzed application process. But what does that mean, exactly? In short, a hardening agent is added to the varnish prior to painting. This hardening agent provides additional durability when combined with the heat-curing process. Conversion varnish is chemically cured and fast-drying, and consists of 40-60% solids.

    If you’re looking for a finish that can handle constant use and repeated washing conversion varnish is tried and true and will hold up to the most demanding use. Conversion varnish is available in matte to gloss clear coats or any pigmented colors in traditional paint.

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    Scott/ Quality Renovations

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